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Weekly Lesson Plans


Week of Nov. 11- 15, 2019

3rd Grade

Math-  Multiplication

  • Subtraction Test- word problems
  • Intro multi[lication
  • Equal groups w/ repeated addition
  • Number lines
  • Strip diagrams

VOCABULARY- multiply, multiplication, factors, product, equal groups, repeated addition, 

Science- Energy

  • Mechanical energy
  • Electrical energy
  • Light energy
  • Thermal energy
  • Sound energy
  • Test on Energy

VOCABULARY- energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, mechanical energy, light energy, sound energy, thermal energy


Social Studies  

  • Studies Weekly




Math- Multiplication  (x 1-digit)

  • Test
  • Multiply x tens
  • Estimate products
  • Partial products (2-dgt x 2-dgt)

VOCABULARY- factors, product, estimate, partial product


Science-Mixtures and Solutions

  • Lab- dissolving
  • Sort mixtures and Solutions

VOCABULARY- mixture, solution, dissolve, strainer, tweezers, substance, properties, evaporation, magnet, filter

*** Special Happenings***

Mon., Nov. 11- Veterans Day Assembly @1:00

Thurs., Nov. 21- Thanksgiving Lunch

                           Family Night @5:30-6:30

Nov. 25-29- Thanksgiving Holiday