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Elizabeth Davis

           Welcome to Mrs. Davis’ webpage!                      

        English Language Arts 9-12

     English may be a confusing language to learn, but books give you the wings of knowledge.


Remind Codes:

(Eng.IV – text @68d89f to 81010  OR

(Eng.IIItext @8c4a89h to 81010 OR

(Eng.I – text @6h6c4f to 81010 OR

(Eng.II – text @72h8bdk to 81010 OR


Welcome to Mrs. Davis’ Homeshcool English Language Arts Class! LOL wink

Wow! We are currently living through an epic historical event! Canton has not officially closed their doors in over 150 years! We all now have something amazing to tell our grandchildren! I do pray everyone is doing well during this very unusual time in our lives. As always, I am here if you have any questions or need anything. My email is Please feel free to browse my webpage and check your gradebook.

I have made copies and sent paperwork to the front office for those of you who have chosen the “Paper Learning Path”. 

I have also uploaded all lessons for this week onto Google Classroom if you have chosen this path. *Please check this list for your class code!        English IV –  fd5gbwc    English III –  7jxqkut    English I –  gynkw67    English II – y7w5uxi  

 If you have chosen the Edmentum Learning Path, “Great!” If you have any questions or need help you can message me via Edmentum or email. 

Please check my lesson plans for a schedule to follow during this homeschooling session. The hardest part of homeschool is time management. As long as you use your time wisley, you’ll do great.

I am proud of all of you! Keep learning, have fun and stay well!



Elizabeth Davis

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