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6th Current Event Requirements


6th Grade Social Studies Assignment

Weekly Current Event Paper

for Mrs. Weeks’ class

A current event is a present-time news event concerning important people, places, things and ideas that affects people’s everyday lives.   You will be given an article. The following criteria must be included:


A.  Read the article you’ve been given. Then answer the following questions:

1. Who is the article about? (the parties involved)

2. When did the occurrence take place? (date, time)

3. Where did the occurrence take place? (city, country)

4. What happened, why did it happen and how did it happen? This is a summary of the article in YOUR OWN WORDS! Do NOT copy the article or rearrange words from the article. If you do, you will be asked to do it over and it will be considered LATE! This part must be at least 5 sentences.




You will have a current event due every Monday morning unless specifically told differently. Late papers will be counted off 10 points for every day it’s late. This assignment will count as a weekly Social Studies and Reading grade.