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5th Grade AR Policy

A.R. Policy

Fifth Grade


Each student will be required to get 18 A.R. points each nine weeks in order to attend the A.R. trip. An instant reward is given each nine weeks also. Points do not carry over at the end of the nine weeks.  For those students who DO NOT get the 18 points in a nine week period, they WILL NOT attend the A.R. trip. There are NO makeup points. I also require an overall semester average of 70% on all A.R. tests taken. 




Consideration will be given for those students who are in need of accommodations on this policy. For example, points can/will be lowered for individual students and/or the required test average can be adjusted to meet individual student needs. 


Two reading grades per nine weeks will be given for A.R. The student will receive one grade for percentage of goal attained and one grade for test average for that nine weeks. BOTH grades will be used as TEST GRADES in the gradebook.